The amount of compensation

If the value of a claim supported by the investment contract corresponds to the data in the records of an IPF member, the IPF ascertains the amount of compensation in line with the corresponding values.

When calculating the amount of compensation due, all of the claims that an investor has arising from the provision of investment services of a member of the IPF must be consolidated.

The IPF provides compensation  only in money. The amount of compensation paid against securities is calculated on the basis of the average market price of the securities during a period of 180 days before the first day of liquidation. If stock exchange or over-the-counter trading  prices are not available, the Board of Directors of the IPF will determine the price to be used for calculating the compensation  and will rely on consultants.

If the conditions precedent to disbursing compensation are satisfied, the IPF compensates investors entitled to compensation for claims up to a maximum amount of one hundred thousand euro per person and per Fund member on the aggregate. The amount of compensation is calculated at the official MNB rate of exchange in effect on the starting date of the liquidation proceedings.  The amount of compensation paid by the Fund is one hundred per cent up to one million forints, and for amounts over the one-million forint limit, one million forints and ninety per cent of the amount over one million forints.